Monday, August 11, 2014

Pizzeria Gema

It's Definitely Not Delivery...

6827, rue St-Dominique (Dante), MontrealQCH2S 3B1

Directly across the street from its more sophisticated older brother, Impasto, lies Pizzeria Gema.

Less sophisticated does not imply that Gema is not as good. What's wrong with being the fun and cute younger sibling? Absolutely nothing (my sister could vouch for that!).


Though this restaurant is fairly new, they already have things down pat. From the service to the uncomplicated, yet impressive menu, you could tell that the owners of this restaurant (Impasto duo Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione) know what they're doing.

Some friends and I walked in on a Saturday night (no reservations), and were told that there would be about an hour wait (which was expected), but were delighted when they took down a cell phone number to call us at once a table was ready. This allowed us to walk around Little Italy and grab a drink close by, without having to stand around impatiently. Already impressed! Not many restaurants in Montreal have started using this system, but it is definitely a good one!

When we sat down (no more than an hour later- as promised) we perused the menu, which is not very long. There are some appetizers including salads and fried calamari, but the real star here is the gourmet pizza selection. The menu and general vibe of the place is of an upscale pizzeria. Quaint, but still trendy! Décor is on point with the food and the concept.

We ordered a classic Margherita pizza (the 1889), as well as one topped with mushrooms and cheese (Emilia). The first element that struck us when we got our pizzas was the dough. And it tasted even better than it looked. The toppings were also perfection.


In true pizzeria fashion, Gema's main dessert is their frozen custard. ORDER IT. And when you do, get ready to try the creamiest and yummiest soft-serve ever. Topping options are simple, sticking with the upscale-pizzeria feel (caramel, chocolate, baci crumble, cherry, and a couple of others - no rainbow sprinkles here!). A sweet end to a savoury meal!

Frozen Custard with Caramel Sauce
Pizzeria Gema has carved itself a well-envisioned niche in Montreal's Little Italy. Though their are other pizzerias in the area, none do it quite like they do!

Reservations: No reservations - but they will take down your cell number and call you when a table is ready!
Date night: Pizza + Wine = Perfect date night
Attire: Cute & trendy. Not what you would wear to your typical local pizzeria though (no sweats!).
The damage: $$

Mind, Taste, Love.
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