Monday, July 7, 2014

Tavern on the Square

A Montreal Classic.

1 Westmount Sq Ste C310 Westmount, QC 

It's one of those nights where you want to go out for dinner, but don't really know what you're in the mood for. You had Sushi last night, and you just can't figure out what you're craving. We've all been there, right?

My go-to restaurant when I'm in one of those moods is Taverne on the Square. A Montreal classic that keeps drawing me in for their seasonal specials and market-fresh ingredients. A meal that will leave you feeling content time and time again. Somehow they know exactly what your stomach was pining for- whether it be a pasta dish, a burger, fish, or meat.

This time around the specials were what caught my attention. They included a lobster spaghetti dish, trout, as well as a veal milanese with a honey and ginger sauce. I ordered both the spaghetti and veal to share and was extremelyyy happy that I did! I wish these were permanently added to the Taverne menu (Please?). The lobster spaghetti was definitely not shy on the lobster and the sauce stood on its own. The veal was packed with flavour and they did not skimp on portion size for either. Since they were specials, they came with a soup (bean and asparagus purée), and salad-  prepare to leave full.

Asparagus and Bean Purée

Veal Milanese

Lobster Spaghetti

Others in my party ordered the trout and were also very pleased with their choice!

Trout Dish

The Taverne is also known for their keen attention-to-detail when it comes to service. The knowledgeable staff are really helpful and you definitely feel taken care of throughout your meal.

During the summer they have a cute terrace with hanging lights that create a beautiful setting for a perfect meal. So come visit this Westmount staple! Whether it be for a drink at the bar, one of their decadent specials, or to dine under the stars. It is sure to become a favourite (if it's not already...)!

Charming Terrace @ Night

Reservations: Yes.
Date night: Summer nights on the terrace- what could be more romantic?
Attire: Westmount chic.
The damage: $$$
Bonus: Terrace & Parking validation for the Westmount Square parking lot.

Mind, Taste, Love.
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