Wednesday, July 9, 2014

La Diperie

Dip it.

64 Ave Des Pins Est Montreal, QC 

This post is going to be short and VERY sweet. It's not news that I have a sweet tooth. I love cake, macarons, and really anything made with sugar. Ice cream was never a personal favourite, but I found a place that might have changed that. For good.

La Diperie is only 2 and a half weeks old, but it has definitely found its home on Avenue des Pins. To succeed in this city you need a unique concept, and La Diperie has just that. You enter the small, and quaint turquoise space and are greeted by the welcoming owner. You then can either choose a special from the chalkboard, or (and here's where things get crazy) order a soft serve ice cream in a cone and choose from 15 DIFFERENT BELGIAN CHOCOLATE DIPS that harden and create a crunchy shell around your crème glacé molle. You could also choose toppings to sprinkle over top. Decadence at its finest.

Vanilla Soft-Serve Dipped in Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel

Just to whet your appetite, chocolate dipping flavours included: dark chocolate fleur de sel (my choice- and it was perfection), cookies and cream, turtle, milk chocolate, cookie dough, dark chocolate mint, white chocolate, and many others. Toppings included: crushed pretzels, coconut, sprinkles, and more.

Chocolate Dipping Flavours
If you can't handle a regular-sized cone (don't know why this would be an issue...but hypothetically), you could order a miniature dipped cone. Simply adorable.

Miniature Milk Chocolate Dipped Cone

The next time you're craving a scoop, dip instead. You won't regret it. See pictures below!



Cookies and Cream Dipped Cone

Mind, Taste, Love.

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