Sunday, June 29, 2014

Le Filet

A Perfect 10 on 10.

219 Avenue Mont Royal, Montreal, QC H2T 2T2

Food, service, and atmosphere. All 3 were present upon my visit to Le Filet. Food- exquisite, Service- impeccable, and décor- understated, yet sophisticated.

Though not new to the Montreal restaurant scene, Le Filet has definitely not lost its splendour. With each dish just as good, or better than the last, my date and I left fully satisfied and raving about our meal to all of our friends.

Just as impressive as the food was the service. Our waiter recommended dishes and wines, and was quick to check-in on us every so often. No detail was missed.

Let's talk food.

The menu is short and sweet. Not overwhelming, but just enough options to please everyone. Seafood is the star. The "First Set" is composed of Japanese-inspired raw dishes, while seafood is also present in all five of the "Second Set" items. The "Third Set" offers fish, meat, and vegetarian choices. The dishes are served tapas style and the waiter recommended about five dishes for two people.

We went with the following:

"First Set"

We started with 4 "Oysters with pizzazz"- 2 with jalapeno and maple crisp, and 2 with miso gratin. An amazing start to dinner (set the bar pretty high).

"Oysters with pizzazz"

Next was a delicious tuna tartare with egg confit and nori tempura. Highly recommended.

Tuna Tartare

"Second Set"

Grilled octopus, Israeli cous cous, meyer lemon coulis.

Grilled Octopus with Israeli Cous Cous

Crab risotto, asparagus, shellfish jus. Please. For your own sake, do not miss this dish. 

Crab Risotto

"Third Set"

Pork flank, seared scallop, soft polenta. On point. 

Pork Flank with Seared Scallops


Maple syrup square, whipped cream, pecans. A Canadian's dream. Not too sweet and topped with whipped cream...what else could you want? On that note, Happy Canada Day everyone! Enjoy your Monday or Tuesday off, and TRY THIS RESTO. You won't regret it.

Maple Square

Restaurant Le Filet

Le Filet

Reservations: Definitely.
Date night: 100%. Save this one for special occasions (or don't...). Either way, go.
Attire: Dress up!
The damage: $$$$

Mind, Taste, Love.

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