Monday, June 16, 2014

L'Atelier D'Argentine

Chops & Chimichurri

355 Rue Marguerite d'Youville, Montréal, QC H2Y 2C4

I wanted to take my boyfriend out for his birthday and some criteria had to be met. I wanted 1) a great location, 2) cool menu, and 3) great atmosphere. After thinking about it for some time, I decided on L'Atelier D'Argentine: a resto that neither of us had ever been to, in the Old Port, with a unique Argentinian menu (criteria 1 & 2...CHECK!).

Upon entering the restaurant and seeing firsthand the beautiful décor (very similar to its previous occupant- DNA), I knew that the 3rd criteria had been met :). SUCCESS! The restaurant also had a very nice lounge area- dimly lit with music and a full bar.

The menu had some interesting items with definite Argentinian influence and a wine list filled with options from South America. We went with a salmon sashimi in a passion fruit dressing to start, followed by spinach and tomato gnocchi (not very Argentinian, I know, but I couldn't resist...) and a rib eye steak. The steak was a tadddd overcooked, but the chimichurri and salsa sauces that came with made up for it and were both flavourful. 

Salmon sashimi

Spinach and tomato gnocchi

Garlic and parsley fries

Rib eye steak

For dessert we had a crepe filled with dulce de leche (a South American staple) and caramelized bananas served with a square of semifreddo. Yummy and beautifully presented!

Banana/Dulce de Leche crepe
Our meal at L'Atelier D'Argentine wasn't perfecttt, but the night itself was just what I wanted. Good food, great atmosphere, in a sweet location. After my visit, I realized (aside from the classics- Moishe's and Gibby's), Montreal is lacking trendy, modern steakhouses like the ones scattered throughout Miami and New York (STK, BLT, Morton's, etc.).

SOOO...To all you entrepreneurs out there- I've found your gap in the market! GO! Open an EPIC steakhouse in Montreal. K thanks. Oh and p.s. I am totally opened to Mtl steakhouse recommendations (maybe we do have some good ones that I'm not aware of?), so COMMENT!

UPDATE: just thought of Queue de Cheval (soon to re-open), and 40 west (but that is quite far for us city people)- I want more!

Reservations: Recommended.
Date night: Impress your date with some Argentinian flair!
Attire: People were actually dressed pretty casually, but I dressed up for the occasion. 
The damage: $$$ (we're in Old Montreal...)

Mind, Taste, Love.

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  1. Thank you for the post. One note: Italians have a massive influence on Argentina's culture and its food. It's not abnormal to see dishes thought to be Italian in an Argentinian restaurant.